Early Readers

The Secret City (The Burly & Grum Tales)

The Secret City by Kate Tenbeth Burlington Bear, Grum the groblin and Max are best friends. Burly and Grum show Max a Secret City in the middle of the forest but hunters are tracking them down. They knock out Burly, capture Max and want to turn the Secret City into a tourist attraction. Throw in […]

God Gave Me You

God Gave Me You by Cindy Bracken The heavens have billions of stars, The earth has oceans of blue, I must have done something right, Because God gave me you. God Gave Me You is a beautifully illustrated picture book for young children. Your children will know how grateful you are for them when you […]

Princess Charleston of the Isle of Palms

Princess Charleston of the Isle of Palms by Kelly Sheehy DeGroot Princess Charleston is a caring little girl who loves all of her friends in the land, air and sea. Sing with her as she helps to bring animals of the Isle of Palms to shelter during a scary thunderstorm. Though free at time of […]